The final public hearing for the Comprehensive Plan was held on August 31. Learn more about the public hearings to-date and the upcoming adoption here.

Elected Officials' Frequently Asked Questions

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Durham’s New Comprehensive Plan

Check out Frequently Asked Questions on the Plan (July 2022)

Durham is working on a new Comprehensive Plan, a long range vision for our community! The Comprehensive Plan decides what can be built where in Durham. It decides what size and kind of homes can be built in what part of the City and County, where schools and businesses can be built, and where streets can run through. Our current plan is nearly 13 years old and Durham has seen a lot of change in that time, that change has benefited some residents while others have been negatively impacted. 

Durham looks the way it does because the old plan guided how it could grow and develop. In the past, government officials (who were often white) have written this plan without hearing from or engaging folks from all parts of our community. This means the rules have been unfair to residents of color. What we’re doing right now is writing a new plan. And this time, we want our residents, especially our residents of color, to help write this plan.

  1. Planning Academy Applications Open until September 28

    As the Comprehensive Plan nears adoption and work is beginning on new development regulations, Planning staff is relaunching Planning Academy to help community members learn more about how planning works in Durham and how to have a greater impact on it! Read on...
  2. Elected Officials' Frequently Asked Questions.

    See answers to Elected Officials' Frequently Asked Questions. Final public hearing on August 31 for the Comprehensive Plan! Read on...
  3. Final public hearing on August 31 for the Comprehensive Plan!

    The new Comprehensive Plan is nearing completion! Read updates on the adoption process! Read on...
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What We’ve Heard

Between November 2019 and February 2020, over ONE THOUSAND residents told us what they wanted in their ideal Durham. There were a lot of common themes:

Affordable housing, good public transportation, access to quality food, safety, health and wellness, a sense of belonging, racial justice, good schools, opportunities for good jobs, places to learn and play, and a clean environment were among the top themes that residents told us they wanted for Durham.

Between Spring 2020 and Spring 2021 we heard from residents about what Durham’s future goals should be.

To write a new Comprehensive Plan we started by getting your feedback on what Durham’s future goals and objectives should be. These goals and objectives will guide how the plan is written, what recommendations are included in the plan, and it will also guide decisions for new development that is happening now.

The Community Goals and Objectives for the Comprehensive Plan were adopted by the City Council on June 21 and the Board of County Commissioners on June 28!

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